Featured Vehicle - The 2013 Saab 9-X Convertible Concept

Saab 9-X Convertible Concept
SAAB 9-X CONVERTIBLE CONCEPT: The 9-X Convertible Concept is an innovative design study exploring what a future open-air Saab could look like. Unlike any other convertible, this prototype has the revolutionary Canopy Top, where only the upper part of the roof is canvas covered; a totally new take on open air driving. The rear of the car, with its prominent buttresses, creates a targa-like look for an open four- seater. Biofueled, turbocharged and electronically powered ? the front-wheel drive Saab 9-X prototype is more responsible via its optimized Verified Sustainable E85 bioethanol fuel. Pairing the right-sized BioPower engine with an electric hybrid drive system, which includes regenerative braking, further reduces consumption. The 200 h.p. transversely-mounted engine is mated to six-speed manual gearbox.
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