Featured Vehicle - The 2016 Nissan Murano Winter Warrior

Nissan Murano Winter Warrior

NISSAN MURANO WINTER WARRIOR CONCEPT: Catching the attention of the crowds in the Nissan exhibit at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, is the one-off Murano Winter Warrior concept crossover vehicle. People are surprised and amused by the vehicles set of heavy-duty snow tracks that replace the vehicles’ wheels and tires. The Winter Warrior crossover was created by Nissan Design America with custom matte red-chrome body wraps featuring a unique "track" design and Nissan "Winter Warrior" signage. The concept sports a host of genuine Nissan accessories, including roof rail crossbars, cargo organizers and area protectors, all-season four-piece black or charcoal floor mats, satin or bright chrome rear bumper protectors. And, for the hardcore winter camping enthusiasts, the Murano Winter Warrior features a 9x9-foot hatch tent. The Dominator tracks are from American Track Truck, Inc., and are 48-inches long, 30-inches high and 15-inches wide. The ground clearances range from 13.4- to 14-inches, and track width from 85-to 89-inches. To accommodate the snow tracks, the suspensions and wheel wells were modified, but otherwise all drivetrain components, including the engines and transmission are stock from the factory. CHICAGO AUTO SHOW FACT: On display during the 1997 Chicago Auto Show  was the Toyota Crawler concept that wore four-triangular tank-track units that could be driven at speeds up to 50-mph. 

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