Featured Vehicle - The 2016 Nissan Pathfinder Winter Warrior

Nissan Pathfinder Winter Warrior

NISSAN PATHFINDER WINTER WARRIOR CONCEPT: Nissan unleashed the aggressive Pathfinder Winter Warrior crossover concept to the public at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. The Pathfinder Winter Warrior prototype exchanged the traditional wheels and tires for a set of heavy-duty snow tracks. Developed by Nissan Design America, the unique Pathfiner comes with custom matte red-chrome body wraps featuring a unique "track" design and Nissan "Winter Warrior" signage. The concept showcases a host of genuine Nissan accessories, including cargo organizers and area protectors, all-season four-piece black or charcoal floor mats, roof rail crossbars, bright or satin chrome rear bumper protectors. And, for the hardcore winter camping enthusiasts, the Pathfinder Winter Warrior features a 9x9-foot hatch tent. The Dominator tracks are from American Track Truck, Inc., and are 48-inches long, 30-inches high and 15-inches wide. The ground clearances range from 13.4- to 14-inches, and track width from 85-to 89-inches. To accommodate the snow tracks, the suspensions and wheel wells were modified, but otherwise all drivetrain components, including the engines and transmission are stock from the factory. No question about it, the Nissan Pathfinder Winter Warrior concept would be fun to drive as a serious, extreme weather machine. CHICAGO AUTO SHOW FACT: On display during the 1997 Chicago Auto Show was the Toyota Crawler concept that wore four-triangular tank-track units that could be driven at speeds up to 50-mph. 

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