Featured Vehicle - The 2016 Scion C-HR

Scion C-HR

SCION C-HR CONCEPT: Scion is staging the Windy City premier of its radical C-HR concept during the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. C-HR stands for Compact size with High Ride height, and it doesn’t fit easily into any category. But, it beautifully blends the best of a four-door hatchback with SUV-like room for five, a fast-sloping roofline, but is not an SUV or sports car. Scion has geared its C-HR concept towards young urban creatives, or “yuccies, who seek out a clean, distinctive and passionate design for the 21st century.  The C-HR cabin is described as like a precision-cut gemstone, and from an overhead view, the diamond points have been sharply cut in the front, rear and sides, giving view to the round fender flares visible from every angle of the car. Scion touts that the body is “sensual and instills strong emotions” while the chiseled cabin implies protection. An all-piano black “floating” roof accentuates the vehicle’s sleek profile, and the graphite black accents on the grille, rear bumper, fender flares and lower side panels compliment the overall stance of the vehicle. Note the huge, protruding “L” shaped taillamps, and the 21-inch wheels pushed to the corners, which continues the cut gem theme with spokes featuring chiseled cut-outs. The C-HR does reflect a future vehicle, as a production version is expected later this year, built on the Toyota New Global Architecture Platform, aka TNGA. The increased body rigidity reduces body movement and roll in cornering. Look for more information about the timing and technical specifications for the C-HR to be released in mid-to-late 2016. 

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