Featured Vehicle - The 2017 Toyota FV2

Toyota FV2

TOYTOA FV2 CONCEPT: In response to public request, Toyota has brought back its futuristic FV2 mobility concept to the Chicago Auto Show. The FV2 was created to heighten the driving involvement by bonding emotionally and physically with the driver. Replacing the traditional steering wheel, the Toytoa FV2 is controlled by the driver shifting his or her body to intuitively shift the vehicle forward and back, left and right. Connecting with the driver's heart, the experimental FV2 envisions a driver-vehicle relationship similar to the relationship that a rider might have with a horse. The emotional connection comes via voice and image recognition, plus artificial intelligence to engage in emotional communication, including expressions, gestures, and recollection of past events, thanks to research through the open innovation2 method. Some have described the color changing FV2 as a three-wheeled “mood ring.” An example would be, “Don’t mess with Dave today, his car is red.” The single-seat FV2 prototype might make an interesting intercity, semi-autonomous vehicle that would utilize progressive technology. 

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