Featured Vehicle - The 2017 Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road

TOYOTA i-ROAD: The innovative Toyota’s i-Road is an ultra-compact mobility package that provides the convenience of a motorcycle and the comfort and stability of a two-passenger car. On display at last year’s show, the i-Road continues to captivate the imagination of the crowds milling through the Toyota exhibit. Each of the front-wheels is powered by 2.7-horsepower electric motors that share a lithium-ion battery. The set-up delivers a top speed of about 30-mph and driving range of 30-miles for short trips around the neighborhood. The three-wheeler seats two in tandem within the fully enclosed passenger cell, which means no helmets, are necessary for safety or protect during foul-weather conditions. Toyota includes a computer that helps to manage the degree of lean of each front wheel, plus a gyroscope to reduce lean in corners. As a Personal Mobility Concept, the i-Road is ultra-compact and an environmentally sensitive EV. It has a curb weight of 661pounds; is 92.5” in length and 33.5” wide. The front-wheel drive i-Road offers an enjoyable riding experience unlike either a car or a motorcycle.

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