2010 Infiniti G Review

2010 Infiniti G - G Series coupe thrives in X drive.


It was 2009 when I first got a chance to see the then-new Infiniti G37x Coupe. First impressions have a lot to do with successfully marketing and selling cars, especially higher-end luxury models like Infiniti, and the G37x gave me a lot of reasons to want to drive one.

Fast-forward to late spring 2010, which is when the newest edition became my tester for the week. Again, first impressions being what they are - mostly an emotional response (even for someone who drives close to 100 cars a year) - this 2010 version is a sexy coupe that elicits second looks and sometimes third glances.

This all-wheel-drive G37x Coupe features sleek styling, fun performance and absolutely luxurious appointments as the building blocks of its existence. My Infiniti G37x AWD Coupe tester had a base price of $38,700. The final sticker totaled $47,245 after adding the following optional features and equipment: the premium package, illuminated kick plates, rear deck spoiler, the navigation package and destination charge.

On the outside, the G37x Coupe displays a classy elegance with a subtle exterior that is defined by its athletic stance, aerodynamic hood, sleek G-style taillights and angled A-pillars.

This car looks sporty and fast, but there is a sophistication that it manages to pull off what I thought was definitely more Infiniti than, say, Nissan.

The Infiniti G37 Coupe gets its power from a 3.7-liter, 24-valve V-6 with sequential multipoint fuel injection that cranks out 330 horsepower while also delivering 270 pound-feet of torque. The initial addition of the seven-speed automatic transmission, featuring a performance-oriented drive sport mode and downshift rev matching, makes all the difference when trying to have a bit of fun pushing the G37 Coupe around town.

The G37 Coupe's engine is integrated into the second-generation FM (front midship) platform, which features a four-wheel-independent suspension with lightweight aluminum components that yield rapid acceleration response and sporty handling.

The always-impressive ATESSA E-TS, also found in the Infiniti G37x sedan AWD model, makes this great-looking G Coupe a real performer. The ATESSA E-TS system is capable of delivering up to 50 percent of available power to the front wheels automatically. Midwest weather alone is reason to consider this exceptional system and the G37x Coupe.

The cabin of the G37x Coupe is luxurious. It features leather-appointed seating as standard and a high-quality Infiniti sound system by Bose. I found the cabin to be quite relaxing and road noise is nothing but a whisper (especially with the Bose system upgrade engaged).

For the owner of a G37x Coupe, smaller is probably better. Head and legroom is more than adequate in front but much tighter in back. My rear passengers were a bit cramped but luckily those were short trips. The refined interior appointments make any trip in the G Coupe pleasant, and the driver will enjoy the sporty dash treatment with traditional gauge placement and great visibility day or night.

Visually the G37x Coupe is a winner, but it also delivers an exhilarating performance package as well. The acceleration is brisk, with a smooth linear response as it progresses through the seven gears either automatically or manually shifted.

The rev-matching feature of the transmission will be appealing to many drivers. The ride quality is comfortable without being too firm. The handling characteristics are without a doubt sporty and fun to drive.

Interior fit and finish and surface textures give the G Coupe an advantage over some others in the class and if you enjoy high-tech gadgetry, well, Infiniti has you in mind for the G.

John Stein

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