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Why Turtle Wax

Explore the full range of Turtle Wax® auto detailing supplies for exterior, interior and problem areas on automotive surfaces. From exterior cleaner and chrome polish to leather cleaner and car interior shampoo, choose from a variety of car detailing products best suited to your needs.

At Turtle Wax, we value the time, effort and investment you make in your car or truck. That’s why we’re driven to formulate our products for maximum performance. After all, if you’re giving your car such a level of TLC, we’re going to make sure our products are up to the task. That’s also why, with Turtle Wax, you get more performance for your dollar.

Do you want quick results, maximum performance or restoration and renewal to bring an old car back to its former glory? Visit our How-To page for tips & tricks on how to achieve the best finish for each job!