Featured Vehicle - The 2016 Toyota Back to the Future Mirai

Toyota Back to the Future Mirai

TOYOTA MIRAI CONCEPT: Paying homage to the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future trilogy, Toyota’s Mirai concept is wowing the crowds attending the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.  A company called MV Designz assisted Toyota to re-imagine Doc Brown’s DeLorean DCM-12 time machine, but this time based it on the 2016 Mirai production model. The stock Mirai was converted from a four-door sedan into a coupe body style with two gullwing doors and finished in a custom brushed-aluminum paint to assimilate the body of the DeLorean that starred in the movies. Adding to the look is a custom air-ride suspension and special 19-inch tires and“Infinity” LED wheels pushed to the extreme corners of the vehicle. There is blue LED lighting throughout the vehicle; head-up time travel destination clock display and an integrated tablet that replaces the original time travel controls in the movie car. And of course, to be able to travel to the past, present and future, a flux capacitor is nicely housed in a custom center console. 

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